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Beginners Manual Overview Page

Hi There,

I'm guessing that you are a embarking on a year of coaching kids for the first time? Thank god for people like you, most clubs rely on volunteers who usually are roped in to coach because their son/daughter is playing in the team. It can be daunting and exhausting, however it doesn't have to be. With the right preparation and understanding of how to coach kids it can actually be rewarding.

I too was thrown into the deep end, however I had the luck of being a senior grade coach and studied teaching. Hence the reason I wrote these manuals!

My philosophy of coaching kids revolves around the concept that when kids are having fun they are more responsive and therefore learn more. The manual have 20 weeks of games based training sessions, some may seem very simple, however your aim is to get them confident with the ball at this age and same goes with contact later. 

I have also added a couple of tip sheets you can download and get a better understanding of what works best for kids.

Tips for coaching young kids

Tips for coaching kids contact rugby

Once you fill in the form below you will get and e-mail with the link to download the manual overview. I hope you will enjoy what you see!


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