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If it’s so easy why aren’t we doing it? Doing what I can hear you say. Ah derrr, think like a kid! We are all kids at heart and we all want the same thing, no not that.

I mean what do kids want? Put simply they want fun and so do we as adults, so where is the difficulty? Maybe its professionalism, is that the disease killing our game turning kids and older players away from our game? Or officialdom over cluttering our game with technicalities. What ever the problem people are turning away on droves and staying away from the stadiums in pursuit of something more exciting.

I would have to say I am a die hard supporter, played for 20 years, coached for the last 15 years and will probably get cremated with a rugby ball in arm. But I am seriously considering installing a rack of torture to distract me from the pain suffered when watching rugby at the moment.

On the other hand AFL is soaking it up, kids are flocking to the game and stadiums are filling at nearly every home game. The atmosphere is electric and people are watching it on the box (I have to say though I still can’t see the point of the game).

What are they doing that is so attractive? I think its simple, exactly that, keep it simple. Our game has become so complicated that even the officials are getting confused during the game and of course the new comers have no chance understanding what the hell is going on.

I think Graham Henry is right, maybe its time to have a real think about the rules of the game. The greatest problem is that the powers to be seem to think there is no problem with the game and believe rugby will always a have a place. Didn’t General Motors think the same thing, there will always be a place for big cars and look what’s happened to them?

So lets look at the game from a kids point of view, we want to run with the ball (or watch someone run with the ball), we want to score lots of tries (or watch someone score lots of tries), we want to pass and kick (or watch someone pass and kick), generally we want lots of action.

Correct me if I am wrong but I haven’t seen a kid do something or watch something boring, so why should we?

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