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The International Rugby Board are considering the introduction of the biennial tournament. The tournament would involve ten teams, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, Wales, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Argentina. The aim of the tournament is to place more of a bearing on the end of season tours to the Northern and Southern hemispheres, which of late have been bleeding grounds or half hearted squads.

Truth be said, the major problem with the squads for the end of season tours are usually related to contractual ties to clubs. And understandably so, if you or I were a club forking out thousands of dollars/pounds/euros for star players we would also be asking for the return of the stars at the end of the international season. Sure playing for your country is and always should be the pinnacle of a players Rugby carrier, however, for the clubs sake having the players sent off on a meaningless tour is pure money loss.

So what about give the clubs/franchises a turn? The Rugby Champions league, it's got a ring to it doesn't it? The top four teams of the Heineken Cup and the top four teams of the Super 14 come together at the end of the series to play off for the Rugby Champions League title.

Naturally the tournament would have to alternate each year between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere with a fall out year during the World Cup year. Four to eight weeks of the best players, playing for their clubs/franchises in a do or die battle for their respective competition. Could it get better?

Due to time and cost restraints the format would more than likely have to be a knock out competition with the draw randomly drawn out of the barrel. Each team would advance only on a win until the last two are left to fight it out.

Anyway, it's just a thought, before we reduce the intensity of test matches even further by organising more internationals why don't we give the clubs the stage?

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