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Ready Rugby Holiday Rugby Clinics/Camps

The best fun your kids will have these holidays!

Our Holiday Rugby Clinics/Camps are designed for fun and skill development. The kids will learn about rugby, meet new friends and future rugby stars.

The clinics are either 1 day or 2 days, players are welcome to try it out the first day and come back the next day. All players that take part receive a rugby ball to continue practicing the skills they learnt during the clinic.

A full day session runs from 9am - 3pm.

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Sometimes when mums and kids look at a game of international rugby it can look like a pretty daunting game with big men and big hits.........and it is. But it is fun and that is the key to the whole game. At a kids level the key is to bring out the fun in the game by teaching the boys and girls skills without them even knowing that they are doing skill drills. The ability to catch and pass and kick a ball are fundamental to so many activities that kids do. Its all about hand eye coordination which is a vital thing for all sports and general play.

The junior rugby programs that Jason Grier runs in holidays and in primary schools bring out the fun aspects of rugby, but also teach the skills vital to growing up which can build confidence and joy in any child.

Phil Kearns

Please choose one of the clinic locations below

Sydney Clinic Locations

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 Mosman  Balmoral Oval, The Esplanade, Mosman No Clinic these Holidays

 Harbord  Harbord Road, Freshwater Click to register

If you have any enquiries contact Jason on 0416 486 121

NSW Country Clinic Locations


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